VERIM – Virtual Energy, Resource & Intelligence Management


Next VERIM Trainer seminar in Wroclaw.


It consists of two parts:

23-24-25 February 2018

23-24-25 March 2018

More details you will find here.

Why VERIM® can help you in your personal development?

Stress reaction is a very positive feature embedded deep into our brain. We would not be here on this planet without it.
Most of the beings on our planet have it already, starting from more developed fish.

It helps us to deal with everyday survival and activates us in danger…

The problem is that in today’s everyday life we are exposed to increasingly many stress invoking factors…

We know today that too much stress may lead to psychological and psychosomatic problems.

VERIM is a biofeedback and self didactic system which will help you to recognize your own stress patterns and you will be able to learn how to “change” yourself. 

VERIM is a very powerful tool, based on years of experience in seminars and coaching.

It combines the objectivity of the physical (GSR) measurement and skillfully designed virtual training environment.

VERIM goes beyond classical biofeedback implementing the Theory of Psychointeractivity including Networking.

You can work individually or in a group using local or global network.

The success of VERIM speaks for itself: The VERIM System is being used in sports, education, team building (HR), clinics, aviation, Air Force (Columbia) and in libraries.

Please look at the References where VERIM is being used already.