Drivers Installation

There are two ways to install the drivers: a manual but a fast option and an automatic but taking some time.

“next Mind-Reflection”: If you want to install the drivers manually please download them from the publisher and run the installation.
After installation and connecting the device to a USB port, please check the COM port to be in range from 1 to 9.

Thought Stream USB” – get the drivers from the producer of the device.

If you want to take Windows care of the drivers please connect the device to the USB port.
Windows will display a following message:



Then it will search for the drivers on your computer and in internet and you can check the status of the installation or just wait until Windows is finished:

Please note that the driver installs at COM port ranging from 1 to 9. If not, please change it.


When the driver installs properly the next Mind-Reflection indicator will start flashing green. It is now in stand by mode.

Note: If you will change the USB port, the assigned COM port number may change!

Next step: COM Port Settings