Compare VERIM 4 vs VERIM 3


Can I upgrade from VERIM Personal Edition to ProNet?

Yes, of course. You will receive a new activation code. There is no need to reinstall the software.
After successful activation you will receive new username and PIN, which will switch your version to ProNet.

Ask your dealer for an upgrade offer.


Which biofeedback devices VERIM supports?

Currently VERIM works with “next Mind-Reflection”, “Mind-Reflection” and Thought Stream USB.


Can I run VERIM on my MAC computer?

There are two ways of running VERIM on your MAC computer:

You can have a Windows partition on your MAC. Then, if you want to run Windows, you can choose it during the boot process.
This is the “cleanest” solution and often practiced by VERIM users.

The second possibility is to run VERIM under a Windows emulator. In most cases it works fine.


How many parallel activation(s) are possible?

You can have 3 parallel activation(s) of VERIM software.
With one device you can have VERIM at home, on laptop and at work at the same time.
You can also de-activate software on one computer and activate it on another.


What if I lost my activation code?

Please contact your dealer or VERIM directly. In most cases we can retrieve your activation code or generate a new one.


What if I lost my PIN and Username?

Just send us an email to which your Username and PIN was sent and we will resend it to you.


I had to change the biofeedback device and/or connect it to another USB port. The software lost connection?

Please setup the COM port in Windows again and run the “automatic port scan” in VERIM. Refer to the step by step description in the support area.




Kilo Ohms and Micro-Siemens. What is the difference?

Ohms are for skin resistance and Siemens is the measure for skin conductivity.
The value is reciprocal, which means 1 microSiemens is equal to 1 megaOhm.