Founders and Creators

Andrzej Andamon Slawinski

Andrzej is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and a multimedia producer specialized in psychointeractive systems for sports, HR and education. His background is theater, music, psychology, biophysics (worked for Prof. Fritz Albert Popp in biophoton research) and mathematics.

Andrzej is the inventor of AudioStrobe technology and co-founder of VERIM (Virtual,- Energy,- Resourses,- and Intelligence Management), producing over 100 AVS (audio-visual-stimulation) programs including productions for Deepak Chopra. Besides seminars and workshops he also works on theater and multimedia performances.

In 2006 he was granted an European patent for group psychointeractivity and has applied for another patent in biofeedback based multi sensory stimulation MuSES (Multi-Sensory-Enhacement-System). Andrzej runs Tamas Lab. studios in Poland and is a shareholder of Audiostrobe Ltd in UK.

“I have dedicated my work to human development, using wisdom of old traditions, science & multimedia to create state of the art technology.”

Dr. Wolgang Kloeckner, Sports Psychologists and coach, University of Konstanz, Germany


Aurelius Slawinski, Multimedia, Germany

and all the VERIM seminar participants.

Special thanks to all our VERIM trainers in Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, USA, Columbia, Thailand, Poland, Lithuania and others…