next Mind-Reflection

The GSR input is for the electrodes.USB for the connection cable to the PC/Tablet.

BTN will activate the “next Mind-Reflection”.


The LED indicator IND:

A short green flash (blinking) indicates that the device is ready to use and that the USB driver is working properly. The device is in the stand by mode and it needs to be activated (BTN) before you start a session.

Activating the device with electrodes on the fingers will show on the IND continuous light, changing colors only:
Green means “relaxing”
Orange – “no change”
Red – “activating”.

When IND is blinking orange it shows lost contact on the electrodes. Please check if the electrodes are well connected to the device and sit firm on the fingers.

Red blinking is an indicator that the batteries are low and have to be replaced.

Note: When you press the BTN button for a longer time you can manually put the device into “sleep” / stand by mode. Also when the electrodes are not connected or put off for a few minutes, the device will switch into stand by mode automatically; this saves the battery life.